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MyFreeCams Review

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Launched in 2002, has grown into a vibrant community of adults looking to spice up their sex lives. Today, it has over five million users worldwide, but site specifics will depend on where you're standing, of course.

Pros & Cons
  • All video chats are carefully designed and do not seem to glitch.
  • The loading speed is impressive
  • Text, just like videos, load pretty quickly.
  • Five-minute show will cost you around $35

For the models (mostly girls), it's a pretty good source of generating income. For the viewers (mostly men), it's a fun and relatively affordable way to spend the night and enjoy some hot cam action. Sure, like any other adult platform, MyFreeCams have their limitations — even though most of them are clearly overruled by practice. For example, the admins state that pornographic photos are not allowed, but a single view of the user database says otherwise. What the managers are really strict about is absolutely no minor policy, so some proof of identity may be required of people who plan to join. But before we even get there, let's take a quick look at the site's main features to see if it's a good fit for you.

MyFreeCams Interface Design and Usability

At first glance, MyFreeCams design seems a bit complicated, but it's actually quite simple once you get the knack of it. The reason why it looks a bit overwhelming at first is the simple fact that users can access a lot of features directly from their homepages. Not only do they have a chance to view other people's profiles and search for relevant rooms, but users also have access to the newsfeed right from their starting page.

Still, the most conspicuous part of the homepage is a list of other members' profiles. The newest users are always filtered out first, and absolutely all members get a chance to customize their accounts in any colors they like. As a result, you'll see quite a lot of visually appealing accounts and several pretty unappealing ones (when it comes to the color range).

The main site is designed in green and white hues, which gives MyFreeCams a pretty relaxing and creative look. Also, it's possible to label practically every tab in the menu and play along with the fonts and icon sizes. All in all, the website is very user-friendly not only for people who do not have too much tech skills but also for users with less than ideal eyesight.

Finally, every member can choose how much of their profile info will be displayed to the public. The right corner of every homepage has a 'customize' tab that allows people to hide or reveal any parts of their profiles.

How Does MyFreeCams Work?

MyFreeCams allows users to do quite a lot of things, but not all of these things will be free. Free members, for example, can get access to certain chat rooms without paying a single dime, but they will not be allowed to message other users or leave feedback on their videos. Both are quite essential to make a model notice you and — probably even — do what you want them to do.

User feedback says that, as a rule, models are pretty generous when it comes to showing themselves off. But, of course, their usual level of generosity depends on how many tokens you're ready to share for a good show.

Paying members also get a chance to contact the models directly instead of just giving them feedback on their shows. This opens a whole range of opportunities for people who do not just want a good show but hope for a show that's going to meet all their preferences. Paying users who do not want to receive direct messages from other site members can always turn this option off.

How to Signup

There are two types of users (models and viewers), so MyFreeCams has two registration options. Similar to most other adult sites, no social media login is available, but there is always a chance to create a new profile with the help of email, and to do it quickly. The email one will have to be verified, and if you are not certain about sharing your email address with the service, you can log in as a temporary member with a temporary login. Email registration, however, is quite safe and gives users basic membership rights immediately after email verification.

Right after the registration (that takes around three minutes), new members can look through other users' profiles and watch all public shows. At this stage, no payment commitment is necessary.

If, however, you are looking to access premium features, you will have to provide a copy of your ID — without it, the site will not even allow users to purchase any tokens. Depending on your location, you'll have to be either 18 or 21 years old — the exact age will depend on what's considered legal age in your country.

To register as a model, women are also expected to verify their identity. This registration option gives users a chance to show themselves to the world and earn some cash in the process.

Members structure & activity

MyFreeCams is a pretty large network with a total of over five million users. The majority of them come from the United States, even though it's also possible to find people from all over the world. Quite expectedly, most models are women somewhere in between 25 and 34 years old. Only 18% of site users are men, and they usually do the watching, not the showing. The site claims to have over a hundred thousand new users every month, but since the total number is still around five million, we'd have to assume that not all new users stay with the service for long.

Those who do decide to stay can benefit from watching an impressive number of live shows hosted by a variety of women worldwide. Even though the vast majority of models come from the US and are in their twenties-thirties, it's always possible to target other locations, nationalities, and age parameters.

Users profile quality

MyFreeCams user profiles can be pretty detailed, even though the majority of featured fields remain optional. In comparison to other webcam services, though, many users choose to fill in most profile parts because it boosts their account visibility and makes them more credible for the other users.

One can point out at least four stages of profile completion. The first one includes very basic information about the user, such as birthday, gender, body type, location, sexual preferences, height, weight, eye color, hair, etc. This part also shows some basic profile availability info based on the last login date and overall user activity stats.

The second part has more to do with habits and backgrounds. Here, users can specify their smoking and drinking habits, education, pets, if any, favorite foods and places, and so on.

Part number three digs even deeper into a user's personality, providing info about favorite books and movies, things that turn a user on and off, even expectations from a perfect date. It focuses on hobbies and lifestyle and may even answer the eternal 'meaning of life' question.

The last and final part of user profiles adds finishing touches to their accounts. It offers a chance to share their craziest life experiences, things a person does for fun, and things a person would never do in life, etc. Here, users can describe why other people should like them and reach out to them.

That all seems pretty detailed for a web cam service, and — as already mentioned — any parts of such lengthy questionnaires can be omitted. They do not show up as blanks on a user profile — the registration page always looks nice and has only the vital sections a user chooses to fill in. Still, we've noticed that quite a lot of female accounts on MyFreeCams are carefully filled in. They actually look like profiles from a full-scale dating service rather than traditional web cam accounts with a few words and plenty of sexy pics.

How much are MyFreeCams tokens?

To interact with other site members, one is expected to pre-purchase a set of virtual tokens. Later on, you can spend them on communication with the models or unlocking previously hidden chat rooms. Tokens are sold in batches, with the minimal package of 200 coins ($19.99 total or $0.10 per every token.) The maximum batch is 900 coins ($74.99 total or $0.08 per token). An in-between option is 550 coins for $49.99 total or $0.09 per each coin. All in all, MyFreeCams offer slightly higher than average pricing policy, but the actual costs are still not excessively high.

The moment a user buys even a minimal batch of tokens, their accounts are automatically upgraded to premium. Right now, the only possible payment option is a credit card, but on the upside — all payments are made discreetly from a company with a neutral name.

MyFreeCams do not offer coupons and discounts, not even to regular customers. On the other hand, the prices remain fixed and fair, so this could be a plus if you think of it. Besides, all tokens are always bought manually, so there will be no issues with recurring payments or automatic transfers. Once you run out of the site's currency, you simply get more. Or not — if you no longer feel like paying.

Special features for premium members

So, which features, aside from communication with the models, can you expect for your money's worth? For starters, you stop being invisible and get a chance to interact with any model. Premium members can access any chat rooms they like. Those could be private rooms with only you and the model or Spy Voyeur chats (no direct communication with the model implied).

Besides, paying members can get access to various shows, including club (site-hosted) videos and group shows with multiple models. Having some tokens in your account balance also gives you a chance to tip the models. And, as we already mentioned, the more generous you get, the more generosity you can expect in return. So, eventually, every bought token adds to a more engaging user experience with MyFreeCams.

Finally, premium members can also customize their accounts with different colors and choose any profile layout and arrangements they choose. This, however, is a more of a complementary feature than a perk most people are really paying for.

MyFreeCams Video Chat Experience

On the whole, private chats for premium members are worth it because the models are really getting out of their way to make some cash. On the other hand, a five-minute show will cost you around $35 (in tokens), so there it is — the financial side of things. But, anyone who is determined to pay for the goods can expect quite a lot of goods in turn.

Technically speaking, all video chats are carefully designed and do not seem to glitch. The loading speed is impressive, while the image quality and audio parameters are also perfectly normal. The same is true for the chats — text, just like videos, load pretty quickly. Of course, a lot will depend on the equipment the model is using, but as a rule, even chats with over a thousand viewers online work glitch-free. So, if you have a stable Internet connection and a bunch of tokens for tipping the model, you can just sit back and enjoy the show. The chances are — nothing will spoil your kinky experience with MyFreeCams video chats.


On the whole, MyFreeCams is a pretty solid platform for anyone who's looking for some casual, kinky fun online. It's not the most affordable site and not the most feature-rich one, but it does its job. The website is carefully designed, is tailored for people with little tech experience, and offers quite a lot of options when it comes to customizing profiles. On the other hand, their strict verification procedures often seem a bit unreasonable, and you definitely won't make a lot of MyFreeCams if you're not willing to pay the models. If you do, however, the sky is your limit.

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