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beetyklein22, IOWA
I just love the adrenaline buzz offered by this new job. Before trying this, I was a part-time office assistance earning just $11/hr. Now I earn 10x that amount working from the comfort of my home. I don't have to pay for gas and even though I started off kind of shy, it's a great job for me!
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I have been in this industry for two years together with my wife. It's been extremely lucrative for us. It's cool, creative and adventurous. We love it!!
richardpena12, PA
Thank you for all the incredible support you offered me. I've changed careers but the time spent as a model here was a really financial boost for me and I discovered a more adventurous part of me.
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I can't say anything but Wowza! I've just got my 4th payout today in the amount of $3,046. That' really not too shabby for a very beginner working two weeks here and there.
Before I started with you guys, I was working as a sales representative in Michigan. That's when I had the courage to sign up on your website to give cam modelling a try. It's been one and a half years and I'm now earning five times as much as I did back then. WOW, thank you so much!
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I just want to thank you for the opportunity to let normal people become cam models. Working in this industry is life-changing. Now I earn seven times more than I did in my past day job.
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