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Camster Review

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Camster advertises itself as an adult social network, while in practice, it lacks any of the social network features. It is, however, a pretty popular webcam service — as simple as that. While it does have a lot of positive moments, it still does not hit the list of the most user-popular sites or the most feature-rich ones.

Pros & Cons
  • It's a properly designed, and normally functioning platform.
  • It has a complete standard package one expects from a cam site.
  • The video quality is excellent.
  • Prices are usually reasonable.

The models do seem to take it positively, though. As for the viewers, it has its strong and weak points, just like pretty much any other cam service out there. So, let's take a closer look at what it has to offer. Who knows? It may yet spice your night up.

Camster Interface Design and Usability

In terms of design and usability, Camster does not offer anything extraordinary. It, however, is not exactly a problem because most viewers do not come to a live cam site to appreciate the web designers' work. The design is simple, straightforward, and pretty much self-explanatory. Right from your homepage, you can see plenty of currently running cams. They are in square blocks — so, no big surprise here. The background is pretty unobtrusive, and it's possible to click on any block you like for a better view.

The menu is also very intuitive for any person, even for those who log in to the live cam site for the very first time. You can browse through either 'All Girls' or 'Live Cam Girls.' It's not clear, though, why you would need all models, even those who are currently offline, but here it is.

The filtering is also quite comprehensive, and anyone should be able to indicate their exact sexual preferences to see streams they will enjoy. Also, there are plenty of photos and already recorded videos available from the models' profiles, but those are usually for sale. Once again, it's not clear why would they need such functionality because no one comes to live cam sites to look at pics — mainly, to buy them for money.

Otherwise, everything is pretty standard and comprehensive — you see a block of currently available shows and click on any video you like to make it larger. The quality of the stream is beautiful and neat, but the actual stream will take only half of your screen. The rest is for the chat (or, to be more precise, the live comments) section.

Next, users can search for specific models, and they can get in touch with them if they like. All clear and fair, without too many annoying ads, distracting text and color elements, or glitches. So far, so good — the interface is simple and unobtrusive.

How Does Camster Work?

Camster does not bring anything extraordinary to the table. It's a cam site that allows users to enjoy some shows for free (even though tipping is always encouraged) and sells spy shows for money. The private sessions and their costs are always negotiated directly with the model (or models).

On the whole, it's possible to preview the goods without getting a paid membership or any credits, but only to preview. One can surely get lucky in the public performance room. Other watchers can be generous enough to tip the model and put her (or him, or them) in a better, more revealing mood.

Still, as a rule, users need internal site tokens to watch a worthwhile performance. It's also possible to contact the performers in their comment sections anytime they are going live. Private messages, as well as private shows, are available for extra cash.

How to Signup

Even though it's possible to watch some videos without the registration, only registered members have a way of reaching out to models. Luckily, the signup process does not take long — you only need to indicate your valid email address, create a nickname and a password. No one asks you about your credit card info at this point, so everything is quite fair.

After the registration, users will be able to leave feedback (comment) on models' performance — for free. No email verification seems to be necessary (at least no one tried to verify ours), and the same is true for identity verification. Supposedly, by signing up for the site, you state that you are 18+ years old. Ok, let's have it for now — privacy is important, too. So, we guess —heads up on quick, easy, and anonymous registration.

Members structure & activity

Camster is not very talkative about their user database (like pretty much most adult sites). Still, they do claim to have over 30,000 registered models. They keep info about their watchers private, and we thank them for it.

While Camster is not precisely a buzzing platform, you can find up to 50-100 live streams anytime you log in the service. However, while the number of kinky categories is impressive, this site seems to lack ethnic diversity.

From the looks of it, the girls vary a lot in body types and things they are determined to do, but still — those are mostly white girls. If you have no problem with that, it's great — because all the girls we've seen are pretty and seem to know what they're doing. On the whole, Camster does not lack in fiery red-heads, slim brunettes, busty blondes, and big beauties. The fact that they're almost all white does not seem to matter too much — especially if we do not get racist.

And, since we're not getting racist, let's not get sexist either. It's possible to find male, trans, and group models as well. But, as it often happens, those are a minority — most performers are still women, and most watchers are still men. Well, it's live cam site, so get over it.

The majority of women are quite young. Since someone is always available, we'd assume they come from the Americas and Europe mostly — given the difference in timezones. In any case, Camster advertises a lot of payments for international models. Let's assume their model database is global and take a closer look at performers' profiles.

Users profile quality

Obviously, you will not see any "I love romantic walks on the beach" in Camster profile descriptions. Most profiles will usually not have any descriptions at all — only an attention-grabbing, naughty headline on the performers' profiles. Overall, this is a good thing because you did not come here to read. And — of course — no one is expecting you to fill in a third-degree-style questionnaire.

Watchers are encouraged to upload photos and avatars but are not required to. Models usually upload an avatar pic, but, as is always the case with webcams, the streams mostly speak for themselves. Since most models are pretty and profiles are succinct, we'd say that profile quality is good.

The only unclear thing about Camster profiles is models' photo and video galleries with locked files, available for sale. Ok, we understand that you mean business, but seriously — who does that and, more importantly, why do it on a live cam site?

How much are Camster tokens?

Like most other webcam sites, Camster runs on a mixed, subscription/token system. The subscription costs $19.95 and ensures direct private communication with the models. In contrast to that, members who do not have a paid subscription can only reach out to performers through public chats and comments.

As for the tokens, they are the major currency of the service. These virtual coins are used for tipping models in the public rooms and paying them via private chats. Camster does sell these tokens at a price that seems high — 20 bucks for 20 tokens. But, in practice, this site is more affordable than the most (if you use it wisely, of course). All in all, a minute of a good show will cost you around two bucks, which is way lower than on most other platforms.

They accept the whole variety of credit cards but are not quite strong on other payment methods. This may yet change in the future as Camster is still a relatively new platform. What's great is that they do not force any recurrent payments or automatic subscriptions on you.

If you want to subscribe, you subscribe once and get 20 free tokens as a gift. In a month, you may buy another subscription, or you may just forget about it. The same system works for tokens — you buy them, you run out of them, you manually buy more (if you want to). No one stores your credit card info, sends you automatic bills, or even mention a cam service on your credit statement. Fair so far.

Special features for premium members

The biggest perk of being a paying member is that you can enjoy any variety of shows. You can ask the models to do anything you want them to do. Most girls are pretty straightforward and will tell you right away what they're up for and what they're not doing ever. Neither are they shy about the cost of their performance — plenty of models have fixed rates and price tags on pretty much anything you want to see.

So, once again, the special features from Camster are not exactly special — they are quite standard for all cam sites. For the price performers set (and those prices may vary), you may chat away in fully private chats. For a lower price, you can spy on someone else's private performance. There is also a chance to go fully private, but it really costs you. Also, tokens can be used to buy girls' already recorded shows and videos — usually, the price tags are more affordable. Still, the whole experience is not as engaging.

So, webcam same old same old — you pay, you watch. If you do not pay or watch, you can go on teasing your imagination with public rooms, available for free. But, it all goes down to just teasing.

Camster Video Chat Experience

The tech aspect of Camster video chat is neat and of quality. Everything is clean, easy to see, no delays in video or sound. If your connection is stable, you will have no problem enjoying the show. The show aspect, however, depends on how much you're ready to spend — just like on most other cam sites.

We already mentioned that the model selection is not very diverse. However, it's still possible to find someone to anyone's liking. For some people, even public, free performances may be exciting, but on the whole, it all goes down to tipping. Also though it looks like Camster always offers someone cute and sexy to watch, the truly engaging experience is a private session, which costs you tokens.

Besides, there is no way to watch multiple streams — not unless you're on the homepage with small blocks of screens. In a private session, that's no problem at all, but for free primary users, this could be somewhat disappointing.


Overall, Camster is not a revolutionary service, but it is a solid webcam site that does its job. It's a neat, properly designed, and normally functioning platform. It does not offer anything truly unique but has a complete standard package one expects from a cam site. Besides, it's a bit more affordable than most other websites — especially when it comes to tokens and subscription costs. On the other hand, the actual prices will depend on the models you're chatting with because they all have their rates, and not all of them are cheap.

The verdict is that Camster could be a good starting point for someone new to the whole webcam thing. Savvy watchers who've already grown picky may find it too standard. But, even this may change in the nearest future as the model database grows — let's not forget that it's still a relatively new site. It is an excellent platform on the whole, as the video quality is excellent, the models are pretty straightforward, and prices are usually reasonable. Besides, it is still a growing site, and it seems to be growing pretty rapidly, so we do believe it has a bright future in the long run.

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