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Camonster Review

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Camonster is one of the legal and affordable webcam platforms to meet like-minded people in terms of sexual experience and to interact with the host via private sex chat. It performs well enough to provide its guests with high-quality entertainment.

Pros & Cons
  • The great diversity of niches looks promising
  • There are plenty of irresistible, fashionable events on the platform – guests will have fun and be amazed.
  • Different themes cater to all tastes.
  • Well-structured sit runs flawlessly
  • The neat design allows focusing on the platform’s main attractions.
  • The lack of nude models makes the service not completely free.
  • The rules concerning the payments are too strict for guests.

The variety of models is very pleasing to the eye, and the “Gold Show” will astound you. But, is everything so rosy? The following review will shed light on the benefits of this platform and clarify some issues. It will help you to make your thought-out choice and ensure flawless interaction with your perfect partners.

Camonster Interface Design and Usability

Camonster features a convenient and user-friendly interface with straightforward navigation. It’s a bit funny that the home page is so similar to the eCommerce stores. The selection of the model looks like you choose the table or a washing machine. This spec is not bad, but on the contrary, it facilitates the search since the majority of the audience is accustomed to the internet stores’ interfaces.

So, once you’ve entered the website, you can look through the previews of the performers and read their profiles without registration. The main three options present the following opportunities:

  • All the girls’ cams.
  • New models.
  • Gold shows (paid option).
  • Recently viewed (appears when you’ve looked through some performers already).

The other filters allow selecting a host by the region, age, features, body type, cup size, and ethnicity. There are 36 categories on the Camonster to choose from. Opposite each of them, you can see the number of models within the category. For example, you can pick a model from 789 homemakers or 647 white girls, etc. The advanced search makes it possible to use your own metrics to customize the process — you can look for the appropriate partner by hair color, weight or height, etc. Camonster is available in 13 languages, but it doesn’t mean that the models speak all of them.

As you see, everything is convenient and straightforward. However, you cannot delude yourselves into thinking that this website is a top-notch project since it’s just a clone of Streamate. The only significant difference is the unique logo. Generally, there is nothing to worry about, as the platform is a White Label that is entirely legal.

It just means that the domain name provides offers delivered from another adult live-chat resource. The valid live webcams introduced on Camonster belong to (ICF Media out of Seattle Washington).

How Does Camonster Work?

It should be noted that Camonster is not a fraud. The platform works as a mediator. It redirects guests to a relevant provider. For now, the chat is very popular, but it risks to lose traffic because it’s not unique (it’s a White Label platform, as we mentioned above), and one can visit the source site bypassing Camonster.

The website owners should have informed their guests about that peculiarity and obtained their loyalty with the aid of bonuses, gifts, and other rewards. Such a lack of transparency is an annoying drawback that might alienate users. To prevent the readers’ confusion, the following review will describe the Camonster’s features as its own ones without references to the main source.

One of the key features of the website is zoom. Any adult live chat must provide visitors with spectacular viewing. The platform has the option to customize the size of the screen to let you investigate every detail of the model and the show. Generally, 3 formats are available. Moreover, it’s possible to display streaming on the smart TV screen, and your living room turns into a cinema.

The peculiarity of Camonster is private chats. The owners of the free accounts can interact with all the registered performers rather than a single model (some adult chats are really so “mean”).

How to Signup

If you’re a registered guest on the Streamate adult service, you can use your original username and password to enter Camonster. A newcomer should sign up and create an account — click the “Free Account” button to initiate the registration.

  • Fill in the form’s fields with your username, email, and password.
  • Click the “Next” button to make the next step.
  • Choose the suitable payment system – PayPal or credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).
  • Provide the details of the payment system you’ve chosen.
  • Confirm by clicking the “Create Free Account” button.

Then, just deposit your account and accumulate “gold” to please yourself while interacting with the amazing models.

Members Structure & Activity

There are several thousands of models on the website. Each of them displays the preview-image where the host’s nick, rate, age, and country of origin is pointed out. After you’ve clicked the preview, the model’s profile is visible. By the way, if the girl is offline at the moment or engaged in live performance, you can see the previews of the related models in the right-hand sidebar. When the host is online, the guests have the opportunity to read the description of the model’s show. It helps understand its key features and pick the performance that matches your preferences.

It should be noted that the profiles are full of details that are of great value for users. Let’s reveal them.

  • The “About me” section includes information about the models’ skills.
  • The “Inbox” icon is here to let you send emails.
  • You can activate the “Follow me” button to get notifications about the model you follow.
  • On the right of the profile page, the other guests’ comments are displayed.
  • There are tags in the profile, and you can add your own ones.

The visitor can also learn about gender, sexual orientation, the language spoken, and even the zodiacal sign. The description of the performer’s appearance is very comprehensive. Except for traditional details as height, weight, build, or ethnicity, you can also know about the host’s cup or cock size, the type of body hair, kinky attributes, and some other spicy things.

The website is remarkable for its Gold Webcam Shows. What do they mean, and why are they so tempting? It deals with cam sessions where several guests simultaneously watch the show with the same cam performer for a fixed fee. To take part in the show as a viewer, it’s necessary to contribute the payment beforehand (the usual price is in the range of 3–5 dollars.

Users Profile Quality

Each user can save favorites events if owning just free membership. The process is a piece of cake. You should click the heart icon next to the model to make their username appear among your favorites. All of them will be visible along the top of the display each time you visit the platform. Note that the option is relevant only to the hosts that are online at the time of your own activity on the website.

You should also consider the demand to attach your credit card details in case a guest decides to initiate the private webcam session, and that is completely fair.

How Much Are Camonster Tokens?

Camonster’s pricing is different and depends on the model. The greatest feature here is the opportunity to dispense credits and pay directly or opt for “gold” – website’s currency. Let’s start with the first variant.

With regard to time, the website offers a standard for the live cam site billing method of paying per minute. For this purpose, you can use any of the major bank cards. To deposit your account, it’s necessary to exit the show. The timer stops at this moment until the billing is made. The session continues at once you’ve entered the private chat room.

Such a token-free system is much more beneficial than buying credits to pay for the sessions. For instance, a performer charges $1.30 per minute. If having private interaction with the model for 4 minutes, you’ll spend only $5.20. It’s transparent and not expensive. The guests can fully control their spendings.

The token-based system forces you to buy “plans” or “packages” – 100 or 250 tokens, for example, regardless of how much time you are going to spend in a private room. It appears that a guest pays in advance, while on Camonster, you pay real money for real-time. Generally, pay as you go, or pay nothing at all.

To tip performer you are fond of, use “gold.” You can buy these credits and accumulate them in your account for future rewards. Each “gold” is equal to a dollar/euro or any other national currency. Besides, such virtual money gives access to Gold Shows where several members participate.

Such details of the session as its duration, content, and price are dependable on the model. If you decide to join show while looking through the performers’ profiles, invest your credits during the countdown and enjoy your time (you’ll be hooked up to it automatically). Sometimes the model cancels the performance. In this case, your tokens will come back to your account.

Besides, you can book the block session that will last for a specific period. Each timeframe comes with its own discounts:

  • 15 minutes: 5% off
  • 30 minutes: 10% off
  • 45 minutes: 15% off
  • 60 minutes: 20% off

Special Features for Premium Members

Exclusive chat sessions are just between you and the performer. In Premium Chat, other members can join in and watch too. There are no other visible privileges of the paid membership in terms of bonuses and rewards except for messaging the models. Besides, it’s difficult to evaluate the advantages of a premium plan since you can’t just create a free account and then upgrade it. It’s required to attach the credit card that seems to be a pig in a poke.

Camonster Video Chat Experience

The platform managed to make visiting it careless and trouble-free. Let’s list some of the most pleasant impressions:

  • Since Camonster is powered by another platform, it uses the main website’s support service. However, it’s not a problem, and the managers work flawlessly.
  • It takes just a half of a minute to sign up and grab a free membership that won’t cost you a cent.
  • The service can satisfy the most sophisticated kinks and flavors.
  • The performers are beautiful and friendly. They follow your directions and always try to understand your wishes.

Certainly, a daily limit on video chats is a bit annoying. However, the system is rather flexible and once can solve this issue easily. For example, it’s possible to decrease the daily limit and then increase it again. To solve the question, it’s necessary to contact the support service.

There is no need to pay at once for rates for gold performance, block sessions, and private chats. You can just enjoy previews and profiles to choose the perfect partner. Keep in mind that all bells and whistles are available once you’ve attached your credit card to the activated account.

The only flaw that can hamper choosing the ideal model is the lack of sexual content when looking through the previews and profiles. The hosts very often just sit or lie on the beds and smile. Sometimes they are nude or topless, but they do nothing outside the private and gold shows. However, those performances cost money, and the guests would prefer not to go wrong.


Camonster can hardly be called an eye-catching platform that strongly differs from its “siblings.” Certainly, the great diversity of niches looks promising, and it really matches the expectations. There are plenty of irresistible, fashionable events on the platform – guests will have fun and be amazed. Different themes cater to all tastes. However, the lack of nude models makes the service not completely free. Well-structured sit runs flawlessly, and neat design allows focusing on the platform’s main attractions. The rules concerning the payments are too strict for guests and developed to protect the platform from “occasional” purchases.

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