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Chaturbate Review

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Chaturbate is one of the highest-ranking webcam sites, and the best part is — some of the rooms remain 100% free. Over the years since its establishment, Chaturbate has grown into a large and vibrant community of users. It offers hundreds of live webcams, where users can simply watch the models or communicate with them via chat and audio.

Pros & Cons
  • Registration is optional, and they don't require an email
  • Thousands of cams online
  • There are lots of real amateurs, not just professional cammers
  • Some of the cheapest private shows, as low as $0.48/minute for some models
  • Some ads unless you upgrade to premium
  • Can't filter by multiple keywords at the same time
  • No all-in-one search page
  • Mobile site missing some features - list of keywords, search by price of private show, and manually setting streaming quality

The name of the site is exactly what it seems — to masturbate while chatting. While the idea itself is not exactly revolutionary, Chaturbate does offer a lot of options to choose from — men, women, couples — all getting naked online. And, most importantly, plenty of site features remain free of charge, even though tipping models is obviously encouraged.

Chaturbate Interface Design and Usability

Chaturbate user interface is simple and straightforward. The site has a simple white background few users seem to notice because of the sexy, flashy content available to them, right after the registration.

The navigation is pretty intuitive, and you can easily access all necessary tabs in the header menu. The tab that gets the most attention right from the start is the chat section. Here, free and paying members can choose male, female, couple, and trans rooms.

Next, there is a Broadcast Oneself tab where anyone can start — as the name suggests — broadcasting their own videos. Next to it is My Collection tab, where you can review all purchased videos (if any). To get into this tab, a video should last at least 30 seconds, and a user who purchases it gets a chance to review their favorites whenever they feel like it.

Tube section is, essentially, your search filters. Here, you can define basic search parameters, like the types of rooms you're interested in, model gender, etc. This tab is pretty interactive and will offer you automatic suggestions from the site first. If you are not sure what you're looking for at the moment, just go with the flow. The tube part looks like roulette with other popular users' profiles. If you want only a tailored user experience, specify your interests, and stick to them. Chaturbate will take all of your settings into account the next time you're using a Tube tab.

There is also a way to search for rooms using popular tags, like #anal, #couple, #lesbian, etc. When looking for cams with sex toys, use #lovense hashtag. Tags offer some of the most convenient ways to search for relevant rooms because the amount of content on this platform is simply overwhelming.

The leading currency of the website are tokens, which can be either earned or purchased. Usually, tokens are received for broadcasting videos, and they can, later on, be spent on tipping models. We already mentioned that the latter one is not obligatory, but it is encouraged by the site etiquette and logic. Every 100 tokens you receive from other users equal $5, so it's not usually about money — it's more part of the process.

Finally, the site regularly hosts contents where the most popular and arousing models are awarded additional tokens from the site. There are almost a hundred winners every other month, but once again — the fun is in the gaming part, not in the actual cash or token rewards. The first-place winner gets $10, and the second most popular webcam — $5. Obviously, participants should be 18+ years old.

If you want to upload your pics and videos, showing yourself to the site community, you can do it in My Profile and My Bio sections. Search for Upload photos and videos option — and don't be shy because most other Chaturbate users are far from modest.

How Does ChaturbateWork?

Chaturbate is not that different from any other adult platform. Users get a chance to log in, fill in their profiles, interact with other users, post their own videos, and access some of the paid features for tokens. The latter ones can be either bought or purchased. So, let's take a closer look at all of the essential features.

How to Signup

Obviously, to access all the broadcasted videos, one needs to create a profile with the site first. It's not at all surprising that Chaturbate does not have a Facebook or other social media login options because people still like to keep their sex life private. Still, even despite the old-fashioned registration process, creating a profile with Chaturbate does not take long. You do not even have to verify your email — this graph remains optional.

You are, however, required to create a user name and password, as well as indicate your date of birth and gender. That's pretty much it — right after you're done with this stage, you can start browsing through hundreds of private chat rooms. On the whole, the registration process takes no more than three minutes.

Members structure & activity

One of the best things about Chaturbate is that it offers a bit of everything to people who love a bit of everything. Still, the majority of models are women, while the majority of watchers are men — quite expectedly. Currently, the platform has a total of 7 million users, 80% of whom are women. Of these 7+ million, one comes from the US, and the site enjoys half a million unique visits a week. Some of the most active website members come not only from the States, but also from Canada, France, and Germany.

The majority of users are between 25 and 34 years old, even though it does have younger and older audiences as well. All in all, Chaturbate is a very diverse community of active members who regularly host their own shows and take active participation with other members. Even though the size has 500, 000 unique visits a week, the total number of daily logins is over 4 million. So, users are highly active on this platform.

Users profile quality

Quite expectedly, Chaturbate is no dating service, so the profiles on the site will not be very detailed. The major info you'll find about other users is their birthdate and number of followers. Some users also mention their interests, usually sex-related, and location. But, even to see this brief overview, users will have to scroll down a bit because the first thing anyone sees when clicking on someone else's profile is their live (or recent) broadcast.

In other words, Chaturbate does live up to its name and welcomes you straight to a chat room instead of an online profile as we're used to it. Additional information that can be added to the About section of every user profile includes languages spoken, pictures, smoking and drinking habits, as well as body type. In practice, however, most of these fields remain blank because Chaturbate users prefer to speak for themselves with live streams rather than words.

Given that it's not exactly a dating service, the logic behind blank profiles is easily understandable. What's really important about this site is that their user profiles are very diverse and that plenty of users are active every day. So, no matter if you're into men, women, trans, or couples, you will easily find a chat room/profile to your liking. There is no limit on how many accounts you can browse and how many rooms you can join.

How much are Chaturbate tokens?

Chaturbate tokens are virtual credits users can either purchase or earn through tipping. Similar to other service providers, Chaturbate prices remain average. The largest amount of tokens users can buy is 1000 per batch, and it costs $80. The minimal amount of tokens is 100, for a total of $11. There is also a monthly subscription, available at just $19.95. Site owners encourage premium members by giving them a complimentary 200 tokens with every monthly membership.

Another feature that deserves a separate mention is the variety and flexibility of payment options. Chaturbate accepts all major credit and debit cards, supports bank transfers and cheques, and recently added Bitcoin payment as well. Subscriptions do not auto-renew by default and can easily canceled anytime users want.

Special features for premium members

Still, the more pressing question is why users would even think of paid subscriptions. So, the tokens are made for tipping and rewarding models you like, but what does a subscription do? Most importantly, it allows sending direct messages to other users, which makes your Chaturbate experience more rewarding. Instead of just contacting a model you like during the show, you get in touch privately and arrange for a personal chat later, whenever the two of you are comfortable.

The next feature only premium members can enjoy is an ad-free experience. While it's impossible to state that ads seriously disrupt site navigation and chatting, they can be a bit annoying at times. There is also a chance to customize site view with multiple colors, but frankly speaking — this feature is more of a nice addition to direct messages and blocked ads rather than a stand-alone benefit worth paying for.

Chaturbate Video Chat Experience

Video chats are the primary focus of Chaturbate, and as over 7 million users agree, they are really worth it. We already mentioned that this service is very diverse, so there will thousands of live cams to choose from. To make this choice easier, use relevant hashtags to find cam rooms that suit your preference. For example, #anal, #squirt, #lesbian — pretty much like you would on Instagram.

Most pics and videos on the platforms are free and available to all users. However, a model may choose to lock a certain photo or video. If you still want to view it, you'll have to pay a necessary amount of tokens to unlock it.

There is also a possibility to interact with models when they are broadcasting their cam rooms. There will be a comment-like section below where you can post suggestions on what a model should do next. Most of the time, models are pretty anxious to collaborate, and they seem to be especially eager to please tipping customers.

Besides, Chaturbate has special spy rooms where no direct interaction with the models is involved. Spy rooms simply give you a chance to watch, without commenting or asking for something. Unlike rooms where you post comments or requests for tokens, Spy Rooms remain 100% free, even though they do not offer the same interactive experience.

All in all, it is more than possible to enjoy the site and its broadcasts without paying for any essential features. But, of course, if you are looking for some really hot action — and more importantly, if you want to set the pace for this action — you're expected to pay a few tokens. The models, in their turn, receive $5 real money for every 100 tokens they get from other users. So, it's not like they're doing it for the money alone. In a way, tokens are more of a rewards system that helps to spice things up and add a fun, game-like element into the whole process.


Chaturbate is probably one of the leading live cam sites out there. The system is far from revolutionary, but it does have a lot of advantages when compared to other adult sites. First of all, users really get a chance to enjoy some of the essential site functionality for free. Of course, premium members do have additional access to premium features — and direct communication with the models is one of those perks definitely worth paying for. Besides, Chaturbate prices are quite average and remain affordable even for people who tip a lot.

What's really great about Chaturbate, though, is the simple fact that the site looks more like a community than a paid adult platform. The models are usually nice and eager to collaborate — usually, for the fun part of it. Given the number of live cams on the website, impressive model selection, as well as user diversity on this platform, Chaturbate is definitely worth a peek.

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